Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today

A simple smile, a nice gesture.
It’s not that difficult, it’s actually very easy and would likely be quite welcome.
Simply put, be the reason someone smiles today.
Can you imagine if we ALL did this?
What a beautiful world it would be!

Designing Wedding Invitations

Oh, the joys of insomnia!
Here I am. Been up since 05:36am and writing this blog post. Darn insomnia! On the plus side, since I’ve been awake I’ve successfully designed a few wedding invitations. The problem now doing all the other stuff I need to get done today. So I guess might as well just get it over and start!! Wish me luck!!


Winding down…

Winding down...this has been an amazing week! Recharging the cells for next week #allintheinvite #winetime #ladyboss #refocused #sextantwines

Winding down….this has been an amazing week! Four Wedding invitation orders, three baby shower orders, two bridal showers, and three birthday party orders all completed! A Formal Affair Bridal Event coming up on Sunday, but right now we’re recharging the cells for next week.